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WellBalanced Workshops

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    WellBalanced Workshops

    From: Thursday 15 June 2017
    At: 10am-1pm
    Where: The Grange- Midhurst GU29 9HD

    Phone: 01243 521041
    Email: info@chichesterwellbeing.org.uk

    WellBalanced Workshops: Reduce your risk of falling

    If you’re aged 65 or over and worried about having a fall or losing your balance, then our WellBalanced workshop could be for you.


    It aims to teach people how to reduce their risk of falling, identifying hazards that cause falls, how to avoid them and what you should do if you have a fall. The workshop is an interactive group session that encourages discussion and lasts for around two and a half to three hours. At the end you’ll be offered access to a range of gentle exercise programmes led by instructors qualified in falls prevention.


    These free workshops are run by Chichester Wellbeing and are held in local, accessible venues around Chichester, Selsey and Midhurst. There may be charges for follow-on exercise sessions, but this will vary depending on the class you choose to attend.


    Why WellBalanced?

    • People aged 65 and older have the highest risk of falling. 35% of over 65 year olds in Chichester District may be expected to fall each year.
    • Improve your confidence when out and about and in the home.
    • WellBalanced will provide you with the knowledge to reduce the risk of fall related injuries, such as sprains and broken bones.
    • The programme covers topics such as: How to reduce your risk of falling, what to do if you fall and getting up from a fall (among others).
    • Maintain your independence and learn 6 simple exercises that improve your balance and are helpful in overcoming stiffness and joint pain.
    • Understand the importance of exercise.
    • Find out what physical activity you can incorporate into your daily routine to improve balance and coordination.
    • No GP referral is needed to join WellBalanced and it is free to join.

    To find out more or book a place, please contact Chichester Wellbeing on 01243 521041 or email info@chichesterwellbeing.org.uk


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