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Why is being active so important?

No matter how young or old you are, regular physical activity helps you feel fit, relaxed, gives you more energy and helps protect you against a range of diseases including heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes and depression. It can also help you to maintain a healthy weight.

For children and young people being active helps develop a strong heart, and strong muscles and bones.

For older people it especially helps with balance, co-ordination, maintaining bone strength and the flexibility of joints – which means you are less likely to have a fall.

If you’ve been unwell, or haven’t been active for years, you may wish to speak to your GP (doctor) and check that it’s safe to start increasing your activity. Always work at an intensity that’s safe for you. Set yourself sensible goals which reflect your fitness levels and review these as your fitness levels improve.

Active people are more likely to:

  • have fun and enjoy life
  • be healthier and have more of a sense of wellbeing
  • meet more people and make new friends
  • be able to control their weight
  • relax and sleep well
  • combat anxiety and depression
  • maintain independence and the ability to move easily
  • rely less on others to help with everyday living
  • be less accident prone
  • lift, push and pull more easily
  • have good posture.

For more information and advice about getting active, visit the One You website.

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