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From: Sunday 29 November 2020



We are #coronavirus ready: donate food to those who need it in just a few clicks, without leaving your house.

Food banks across the country are struggling to help those in need. Bankuet is here to help you donate food to people who need it now.

Thousands of people, including children, will struggle to put food on the table tonight.

Bankuet makes it easier for you to give food banks what they need, when they need it … so more people don’t go to bed hungry.

Zero waste donations

Every item Bankuet delivers has been chosen by the food bank and they update us weekly, so no donation goes to waste. Our curated ‘Bankuet Bundles’ only contain essentials that the food banks actually need. These items are added to the items food banks sometimes have in excess and given away as part of a nutritionally balanced food parcel. Many food banks we work with have years worth of items like Pasta and Baked beans…so they don’t need us to send them more.

Pick your donation

To donate, simply choose a food bank, then pick single items or a curated bundle. You can make a one-off donation or buy a monthly bundle subscription. After you’ve paid, Bankuet will ensure your donation is dropped off at the food bank at a time most convenient to them.

Better resource food banks

By buying from Bankuet, food banks don’t need to hire a van to pick up their donations from a supermarket, reducing both costs and emissions. This allows them to put more resources towards their work.


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