Later Life Training - Covid-19

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From: Thursday 27 August 2020


Later Life Training is  set up to provide a free LIVE online 10-15 minute activity snack for older people or those who have been very sedentary and want to ease back into movement and activity.

It is available on this Facebook Page (or search for Make Movement your Mission on Facebook) at 8am, 12 noon and 4pm every day of the week and will be available for some months.

It focusses on circulation boosting, mobility, strength and balance followed by some stretches to improve flexibility.

People post comments and feel part of the Movement Community. After the live session the videos are available on the same Facebook page to view.

For those not on Facebook, recordings of these sessions appear on the Make Movement your Mission YouTube Playlist

Finally, you can download the iCAN Calendar which has all the movements in it (and you can use as a diary and tick off the movements) 


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