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Weight management services in West Sussex

If you or your family feel that you need to lose weight, there is free help and support available in West Sussex.

If you are an adult with a Body Mass Index (BMI) over 25 then you are eligible to access a weight management programme. Due to the current guidelines the Wellbeing service is not able to offer face-to-face support, however, the trained advisors in our Wellbeing teams are still available and can offer tailored advice, support and motivational interviewing via the telephone. Contact your local wellbeing team to book a telephone appointment.

If you don’t know what your BMI is, you can work it out on the easy-to-use NHS website BMI healthy weight calculator.

Due to the present crisis, school nursing teams have placed their weight management support for children and young people on hold. Healthy eating information for infants, children and pregnant women can be found on the West Sussex Family Assist website